The Brooklyn Collection

For the wildflowers

As many of you know, I am a wife and a mother. My son, Jason, was born in 2012, and along with him, so was this business. Hello, House of Jason. 

In 2014, his sister, Brooklyn, was born. I've been brainstorming on how I want to incorporate her into the business, and then I had an idea I couldn't get out of my head. Hello, Brooklyn Collection.  

A New Journey

I have felt a shift in our signs lately.  A different and exciting new journey. I don't want to be generic. I don't want to be like everyone else... I have never wanted that in my entire life, so why would I want that for my business?  I've had plenty of recent discussions with myself (AKA conversations in the mirror while getting ready, aren't those always the deepest?) about what's in my heart while I'm creating. While I'm building my brand. While I'm running this show. And you know what happens when I'm doing that? I look down, and next to me, sits my daughter who is putting my expensive-I-paid-how-much-for-that-MAC-make-up on her favorite toy, Dina, (her dinosaur). 

Because she inspires me, this collection is inspired by her. 

Brooklyn is a firecracker. She is her mother's daughter. Her personality is bigger than the ocean, and her independence is greater than that of the United States. At just 2 years old, she is one of the funniest humans I have ever met. She wears skirts with her brother's rain boots, and has no problem getting dirt and bugs' blood packed underneath her pink-painted finger nails. She is the reason I drink coffee... and wine. But, I love every ounce of her crazy. She is herself, unapologetically. Sure, she's only 2, and doesn't have the weight of the world, peer pressure, and molds of society weighing on her shoulders - but that's why it's magical to be in her presence. I hope she never changes. 

In this collection

The Brooklyn Collection is a mixture of an old road featuring our hand painted floral designs, along with a new path paved with our hand sketched flowers. It comes straight from my heart. These signs are by far the most personal I've created. 
  • Hand sketched and hand painted flowers for frill and originality.
  • Black on black frames for edge.
  • Pops of color for boldness.
 Well behaved women rarely make history. Embrace who you are - God created you to be you, not her. You know? 

To the girls who break the molds and shatter glass ceilings; the fearless leaders who are filled with bad ass ideas and reach for the stars, for the wildflowers... this collection is for you. 


>>A few of these signs were named after influential women in my life. To you, I thank you. 




Chelsea said:

This is so sweet! Your work is beautiful and unique. Congratulations on the new line launch! Your kiddos are so lucky to have you.


Kate said:

I love everything about this. What a beautiful peak into your heart and her beauty. Someday your Brooklyn will move mountains, I’m sure of it. She’s going to be so proud to call you mom. (Tho I’m sure she already thinks your pretty cool, till dad comes home. #amiright) your number one fan always. ??

Bill Kuhnlenz

Bill Kuhnlenz said:

What an awesome intro for an awesome product line. I love your talent!

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