Looking to have a custom sign made just for you from HOJ? Great! Let's get started!

  • We only offer a limited number of custom orders each month, depending on our workload. We will let you know ASAP if we are not currently accepting custom orders.
  • Browse our store and let us know which particular fonts + layouts speak to you; please include this in your e-mail.
  •  PLEASE NOTE: While we understand you may have a specific sign in mind (i.e. a picture of someone else's work) we only create + design signs within our own style + technique. We are happy to recreate a sign for you! But, to ensure you receive a one of a kind, House of Jason piece, we hope you can understand + respect our decision.
  • You can expect a response from us within 3 business days.

If you choose anything other than a square, please select your orientation below.*We offer a variety of different sizes to you as our customers. Sizes that we have available to you are listed in the description box of each sign on our website. We cannot guarantee that we have the size available that you are looking for, but we are happy to do our best.

Thank you for the inquiry! We will be in touch.



  1. We have SOLE OWNERSHIP of any and all designs we create, including custom designs. 
  2. We reserve the right to SHARE any and all designs we create, including custom designs, on all social media outlets. 
  3. We reserve the right to SELL any and all designs we create, including custom designs, in any of our retail outlets, including our online store.